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What is Aluminum Nitride

What is Aluminum Nitride?

The material is known for its exceptional energy conductivity and electrically insulating features, it makes an ideal material to make semiconductors. In the field of light emitter technology, it's also utilized as a heat sink.

Properties of Aluminum Nitride

Aluminum nitride (Ani) is an inorganic compound made up of nitrogen and aluminum. It belongs to the wurtzite crystal and has a bandgap that is 6 eV at the temperature of ambient. This makes it suitable for applications in the field of optoelectronics with deep ultraviolet. It also functions to act as a carrier for circuits in semiconductors.

Aluminum Nitride is a hard technical ceramic material that comes in thin and thick varieties. It is produced by the carbothermal reduction process. This process, however, can be costly, therefore an easier process to prepare the powder should be considered. Many sintering aids have been used to bring the density of the material up to specifications.

Application of Aluminum Nitride

Aluminum nitride could be used to make optical materials like nanotubes for chemical sensors. It is also used as a silicon substrate processing. It is highly resistant erosion, corrosion and molten metals. It's stable at high temperatures under an inert atmosphere.

Aluminum nitride is found in almost any metal. It can be found in a gray-blue, white or gray powder. It's water-soluble and inorganic acids. However, it is unstable in hydrogen atmospheres. It is also highly flammable.

It is utilized on mobile devices to form radio frequency filters. It is also employed in medical imaging and robotics. Its piezoelectric property is also utilized in thin-film bulk audio resonances.

It has been reported that the bulk of current research focuses on the creation of semiconductor (GaN or AlGaN) -based LEDs that function in the UV region, where the wavelength of light is 250 nm. In May 2006 it was announced that an inefficient diode can emit light with one 210nm wavelength. A single crystal of aluminum nitride features an energy-gap of 6.2eV measured by vacuum ultraviolet reflectance. Theoretically, the gap allows waves with dimensions of 200 nanometers to pass through. However, when it comes to implementing it commercially there are many hurdles that have to be overcome. Aluminum nitride is used in optoelectronic engineering, such as an inductive layer for optical storage interfaces as well as electronic substrates, chip carriers that have high thermal conductivity, and military applications.

A epitaxial stretching process of AlN crystals is also used in surface acoustic waves detectors due to the characteristics in the AlN piezoelectric effects. The detectors are placed within the silicon wave. Only a handful can consistently produce these thin films.

Ceramics made of aluminum nitride exhibit high toughness at room temperature and high temperatures, with a low expansion coefficient, and good thermal conductivity. They are suitable to make heat exchangers the construction of high-temperature structures.

Utilizing the resistance to corrosion of aluminum, iron, and various alloys Aluminum nitride can be used to make crucibles and casting mold materials to smelt Al, Cu, Ag or Pb as well as other metals.

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