Make a Toast, Not a Scene: Five Tips for the Holiday Office

  DENVER, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The holiday season brings a string of parties and celebrations, the trickiest being the office holiday party, where professionals walk the line between fun and foolishness. This holiday season, Rescue Beverage Corporation offers The Cure, the first healthy, all-natural, caffeine-free hangover remedy to relieve the negative effects of alcohol, to professionals and partiers alike so they can enjoy the festivities of the holidays without sacrificing their jobs or their dignity. Rescue Beverage Corporation offers these tips to keep the celebrations fun and under control.

Helpful Holiday Party Tips: -- Don''t overindulge -- Have fun, but keep your reputation and career in good standing by pacing your alcohol intake and enjoying the party (not just the booze). -- Mix and mingle -- Be social and perfect the art of small talk; you might learn something new about people you work with everyday. -- ''The Cure'' for too much -- Throughout the evening, drink water after each alcoholic beverage and eat food that is high in carbohydrates. If you happen to overdo it, drinking The Cure at the end of your evening will alleviate hangover symptoms and let you wake up feeling like you stayed in. The Cure is available for purchase across the country and online at -- Know when to say goodnight -- If you are still hooked to the karaoke machine when the music stops, put your drink down and say goodnight. -- Drink responsibly and get home safely -- A cab ride home is a classy exit after a few cocktails. Rescue Beverage Corporation strongly encourages people who use The Cure to drink responsibly.

"These helpful tips are a great way for professionals to enjoy the holiday festivities, without affecting their responsibilities the next morning," said Robert Scholl, president and chief executive officer of Rescue Beverage Corporation, manufacturer of The Cure. "There are many people who drink socially and want to ensure that they are at their best and most productive the following day -- that is where The Cure can help."

The Cure was inspired by the needs of American adults who want to drink socially and still be productive and effective at work the next day. The Cure effectively alleviates hangover symptoms when dissolved in water and taken one hour after the last alcoholic beverage is consumed. For more information on The Cure, visit

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Rescue Beverage Corporation developed and manufactures The Cure, the only healthy, all-natural hangover remedy to relieve the negative effects of alcohol. Successful Ironman athlete Robert Scholl founded the company in 2006 to develop products that protect, rebuild, and fuel the body and mind. The company donates a significant portion of its profits to several social and environmental causes, including programs to encourage responsible drinking. For more information, visit

Source: Rescue Beverage Corporation