Since the beginning of this year, a number of incidents of self-immolation and vandalism have occurred in a few Tibetan areas in some provinces. The Dalai Lama clique became even more excited and exaggerated matters in Tibetan areas by calling the situation tense. On February 8, it instigated “worldwide evening candlelight activities in “support” of the propagators. Then the Dalai Lama threateningly advised all Tibetans to not celebrate the Tibetan New Year and lobbied Western countries to send teams of observers to investigate the situation in Tibetan areas. Beginning in early March, the Dalai Lama clique began advocating a “Tibetan people’s uprising” as it does every year at this time in the hope of inciting more bloody incidents in Tibetan areas. Even though there was nothing new in this series of actions and they received only scattered responses at home and abroad, they reveal that the Dalai Lama clique’s separatist stance has become more extreme and violent, and this fact deserves our attention and vigilance.


The advocacy of self-immolation highlights

the desperation of the “Tibet independence” stance


The Dalai Lama clique’s tactic of inciting self-immolation has a long history. In 2001, security organs of the Chinese government uncovered a plot of the Dalai Lama clique to send people to Tibet to immolate themselves. This was reported in a story carried by Xinhua News Agency, which also reported that a monk from Qinghai Province illegally went abroad, after which the Dalai Lama clique lured him into agreeing to immolate himself and drew up a detailed plan for carrying it out. The Dalai Lama clique’s “Information and International Relations Department” immediately issued a press release stating, “The credibility of all the activities we carry out in Tibet is premised on the principle of nonviolence that the Dalai Lama advocates. Buddhism believes that killing any living thing, and especially suicide, is very wrong.” The statement further “confessed” that in 1998 a Tibetan immolated himself in New Delhi, and “The Dalai Lama strongly opposed this action and urged all Tibetans not to do so in the future.”

However, ten years later in 2011, when a number of self-immolations again occurred in a few Tibetan areas, the attitude of the Dalai Lama and his clique had changed completely. The Dalai Lama not only didn’t express his disapproval of them, but also held a special Buddhist ceremony and took the lead in fasting for a day to express his support for the incidents. The Tibetan “government in exile” and heads of various “Tibet independence” organizations all issued statements calling those who immolated themselves “national heroes,” calling self-immolation a way to “accumulate spiritual merit for future lives,” and claiming that those who immolate themselves will “be living Buddhas in their next life.” Recently, the “Free Tibet Students Movement” held a meeting at which it stated “Sacrificing oneself for a greater cause is a basic doctrine of Buddhism.” A number of self-immolations have occurred at Kirti Monastery in Aba County, Sichuan. Its living Buddha has fled abroad, and on November 11, he declared to the media in the United States, “Choosing self-immolation is a form of altruism that Buddhism advocates.” The Kirti Monastery News Liaison Group” overseas made the preposterous claim to the media, “The tide of self-immolation cannot be turned back,” and boasted, “Tibetans in exile will make sure that the sacrifice those who immolated themselves made will not be in vain.”

I have stated before that for more than 50 years, the Dalai Lama has alternately used violent and nonviolent means to achieve his goal of “Tibet independence.” Today the Dalai Lama clique has abandoned its position of ten years ago to avoid inciting violence, and it now openly calls for violence and has no misgivings about turning Tibetan Buddhism into a “self-immolation religion.” This does not show that the clique is becoming stronger; rather it shows that its “nonviolence” is ineffective and it has no alternative but to resort to violence again.


Publicity stunts promoting “Tibet independence”


On February 4, the Dalai Lama clique’s overseas news outlets such as the “Voice of Tibet” and “Radio Free Asia” located in Norway fabricated a self-immolation report asserting, “Three Tibetans from Seda County, Sichuan immolated themselves. They were 60-year-old Cacai Ciren from Xuesang village, 30-year-old Jiari from Benxu village, and a third unidentified person. One of them is dead and the other two were seriously injured.” Subsequently the Dalai Lama clique’s “Information and International Relations Department” held a press conference to “express its sympathy” concerning the situation and declared, “It is necessary to use an international platform to transmit the grievances of the Tibetans who immolated themselves to the world.” On February 7, the main “spokesman” of the Dalai Lama clique fanned the flames in an online article entitled “We Grieve for the Three Tibetans from Seda County Who Immolated Themselves on February 3,” in which he claimed the assertions were corroborated by Tibetans in China. Then on February 16, when others pursued the issue further, the Dalai Lama clique’s media had no alternative but to dejectedly and meekly admit “this incident cannot be confirmed” and it is just “hearsay.” The Dalai Lama clique’s spokesman tried to keep his hooks in his readers by asking rhetorically, “Did the three Tibetans from Seda County actually immolate themselves or merely prepare to do so?” This large question mark reveals the rumormongers’ despicable nature and their desire to stir up trouble, and warns every good-natured person not to expect to hear the truth from the Dalai Lama clique.


The new head of the “government in exile” takes

the path of inciting violence