25Wx series important updat

VP-25Wx series important update  
 This OS update improves the USB port compatibility and LAN ports stability and supports multi-language OS and keyboard. Beside, the ViewPAC utility is also updated. Please update the OS and utility to your ViewPAC right now. 
 Latest Software Version
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 New Features
Multi-language user interface for OS with multi-language keyboard layout
English (V1100 and later)
German (V1100 and later)
Russian (V1100 and later)
French (V1100 and later)
Spanish (V1100 and later)
Italian (V1100 and later)
Simplified Chinese
Add Pocket IME
Traditional Chinese
Add Input Method Editor-Pocket IME
Add Phonetic Input (Bopomofo)
Provide SNMP protocol
Add PM (Power management) function
Control display on/off by PM
Add ActiveSync program to synchronize ViewPAC with either a desktop PC
ONLY allow COM3(RS232) connection
Provide 5 accounts and passwords for FTP/Telnet authentication(Windows CE Authentication Services)
Configuration by ViewPAC utility (supported by V2.0.1.3 and later.)
Add two operation modes determined by the Rotary switch
Rotary Switch 6 -> Run VCEP.exe automatically after booting
Rotary Switch 5 -> Run DCON_CE.exe automatically after booting
Support I-8135W module for adding an extra ethernet port
Use ViewPAC Utility to set (supported by V2.0.1.3 and later.).
Support backlight adjustment by F6 key
Use ViewPAC Utility to set (supported by V2.0.1.4 and later.).
Support six backlight level: 0,20,40,60,80,100.
Bug Fixes
Fix the wrong month number of OS version.
Fix a bug that the DeactivateDevice and ActivateDevice API cannot be loaded and unload OHCI driver by the application.
Improve the compatibility of USB host port (Fix that some USB hubs cannot be detected by ViewPAC in the booting phase)
Improve the stability of LAN port(Fix that LAN1 sometimes cannot be activated in the booting phase)
Add VBScript 5.6 :MsgBox and InputBox support"
Modify the priority of Micro SD
Controller IST priority 0x64 change to 0x78
Card Detect IST priority 0x65 change to 0x79
Default WatchDog for monitoring the system status is changed as Hardware Watchdog
Modify the priority of Touch 0x68 to 0x6E