Phillips de Pury & Company announces highlights from its Lon

Phillips de Pury & Company announced its 8 November Photographs sale. The London Photographs department, a leader in the European Market, will offer a diverse and exciting mix of vintage and Contemporary works by leading and notable artists of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The viewing will be open to the public from Friday, 2 November 2012.

“I feel that the sale absolutely caters to anyone who deeply loves and is fascinated by the medium of photography. The selection of images hold one’s attention no matter what your preferred genre or period may be. Photography has so much to offer and I think the sale definitely indicates this!”

Lou Proud, Head of Photographs, London

“This is one of London’s strongest sales with a perfect balance of iconic photographs such as Charlotte Rampling at the Hotel Nord Pinus II by Helmut Newton, and very important contemporary works by Stephen Shore, Richard Misrach and Thomas Demand.”--Sebastien Montabonel, European Senior Specialist, Photographs

The auction begins with familiar and glamorous images which have become staples of the fashion genre, Lot 1 Hat + 5 Roses, Paris (Vogue),1956 estimated at £4,000 – 6,000 by William Klein is a recognised signature work by the currently celebrated photographer, belonging to the era of his most elegant and timeless creations for Vogue.

Horst P. Horst features strongly in this section. The first image we see is the admired and familiar stockings and tutu skirt now almost synonymous with Horst’s name, in Lot 11 Round the Clock I, New York, 1987. Also the lesser known and rarely found dye transfer print depicting another make of stocking, entitled Advertisement for Jerbe stockings, Paris, 1985 following closely behind in Lot 12 portraying the slender and elegant legs of a mysterious woman surrounded by deep crimson roses. The sale also includes an excellent example of one of Horst’s Platinum prints seen in Lot 21 Lisa, “Hair”, 1939 in which the quintessential beauty; Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn drapes her flowing hair, the detail of which is reproduced so delicately by the ability of the platinum process.

The ebb and flow of these elegant images combined with gems such as Lot 22, Cindy Crawford, 1988 by Terence Donovan build beautifully to the star lot of the sale; Lot 29 Charlotte Rampling at the Hotel Nord Pinus II, Arles, 1973 estimated at £150,000 – 180,000. This sitting with Helmut Newton was the first time that the beautiful actress had ever been photographed naked. The fusion of these enigmatic talents created an electricity and sensuality that lingers in the image, sustaining and transfixing ones gaze. Newton’s trademarks are already set here but more subtly- as it is a relatively early image in his ‘Helmut Newton’ oeuvre – the decadent and historically rich environment as well as the layering and placing of expensive seductive objects which surround the most elegant and desirable female in that moment. This is one of only three large prints of this image which Newton began to make later in his career. The scale adds to the allure providing us physically with a fantasy of Amazonian proportions.

Herb Ritts has received notable recognition this year with the Herb Ritts: L.A. Style exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Glowing accolades and tributes have punctuated the press these last month’s firmly placing him in his rightful place as one of the most important classical photographers in contemporary times. Backflip, Paradise Cove, California, 1987 estimated at £35,000 – 45,000 seen in Lot 34 represents two of his main obsessions as a photographer; the placement and study of the body and the sensual individuality of Californian light. The image here is produced as an over-sized print adding to its impact and gravitas.

Moving away from the more fashion associated artists, the following works form a powerful and eclectic group of photography heavy weights. For the first time in the London sale we see two fantastic works by Paul Strand. Lot ­­­58 Man in a Derby New York, 1916 estimated at £10,000 – 15,000 depicts a chance glance caught succinctly by Strand whilst Lot 59 Young Farmer, Po Valley, 1953 estimated at £10,000 – 15,000 shows a stunningly moving image; a young man weathered by life and times, touchingly honoured and respected by Strand’s gaze – the texture of the skin not dissimilar from the wall behind – both images expose the sitters inner-self. Also in this section are portraits by Irving Penn, August Sander and Alfred Stieglitz.

Leading on from the success of our May 2012 Photographs Auction, here presented are further exquisite works by Josef Sudek including an extremely rare panoramic of Prague 1959 crafted with pigment and gold seen in Lot 69 estimated at £12,000 – 18,000. These works are followed by a work by Constantin Brancusi - View of the Studio, The Sorceress and the Chief, c.1925, a private view in to his way of working estimated at £18,000 – 22,000. An exhibition of Brancusi photographs were the toast of Frieze Masters in Regents Park, London over mid-October.